This 40 km long lowland path invites you to a cycling tour from the homely fields of Podravina and unforgettable places such as Križnica through the remains of old Slavonian forests. The river Drava will be with you the entire time, and you will hardly find a more refreshing companion. Enjoy the excitement of bird watching and don’t miss out on the breath-taking river view in Okrugljača. Swimming in the main river is dangerous and prohibited throughout Križnica.


Stage map

Route profile
Length 24km
Time 2h
Starting point
End point

Stage S9 of the Amazon of Europe Bike Trail begins at the western entry point to the county, not far from Pitomača, an area which forms the Kajkavian-speaking, Podravina part of Virovitica-Podravina County. After passing through the side streets of Pitomača, a short, but lovely section follows, where the route proceeds on a straight asphalt road lined on both sides by a forest.


Don’t miss out the Križnica bridge


You will soon get to a pedestrian and bicycle bridge over the Drava, which you should cross and continue your cycle tour to the village of Križnica. Križnica is the favourite place of holiday makers, anglers and nature lovers. It is a protected landscape that includes a settlement of the same name, perched between old and new meanders of the Drava,surrounded by the arms of the river Drava on one side and the Croatian-Hungarian border that follows the old riverbed, on the other. Enjoy  the local offer of fish specialties that have made the name of this area famous far and wide, and you will have no trouble finding accommodation, should you wish to spend some more time exploring this interesting place.


Relax embraced by beautiful nature


You will keep exploring along the river bike trail toward the village of Starogradački Marof and then to Okrugljača. In the vicinity of Okrugljača, on the bank of the river Drava is a lovely resort area. If you take a little detour to the gravel road on the left in the very centre of the village, you’ll arrive to the resort area after cycling further for about a mile.


Experience Slavonia


The cycle tour continues through the village of Bušetina toward the village of Turanovac. On this section, you will take a bridge to cross the river Ođenica which, in this part of its short course, constitutes the border between the regions of Podravina and Slavonia. A few kilometres after Turanovac, the route joins the state road toward Hungary. For the last kilometres of the route, the state road will take you through the village of Kapela Dvor, the end of Stage S9 of Amazon of Europe Bike Trail, where you can rest and freshen up. In the village, the elegant historical manor Janković is one of the most beautiful heritage hotels in Croatia today.

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