Start your cycling holidays in the romantic wine-making Villany area and follow old Hungarian villages. After entering Croatia, immerse yourself in the Old Drava meanders, now oxbows – if you are lucky, you will spot a European pond turtle or a swan. Enjoy pure nature and peace on the Drava dyke before entering Osijek via the shiny Pedestrian Bridge. Finish the day in the old Tvrdja Fortress with a glass of local wine and a typical goulash or fish stew.

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Route profile
Length 55km
Time 4h
Starting point
End point

Stage N9 of the Amazon of Europe Bike Trail begins in the romantic town of Villány. From there the route takes you through the picturesque settlements of the Villány wine-growing area with a museum and picturesque old town. The route follows a separate bicycle lane and low traffic asphalted roads for 18 km to the border crossing with Croatia in Beremend/Baranjsko Petrovo.


Discover the wilderness of Drava


Continue your cycle tour to Belišće via Eurovelo 13, and just before reaching Belišće on the left side, we recommend visiting a pure natural experience of an old Drava river stream known as Stara Drava (Old Drava), where we installed a self-service station in case you need some repairs on your bike. The river retained the original horseshoe shape of the Drava meander. The water is quite deep, rich with fish, and you can admire herons, swans, ducks, frogs and turtles. In Belišće, there is the opportunity to cross Drava and join the South route of the Amazon of Europe Bike Trail, Stage S12 Osijek – Belišće on the right bank of Drava, which also leads to Osijek through the picturesque villages of Slavonia.


Remembering the history


Shortly after Belišće the river bike trail passes the Monument to the fallen members of the 107th Brigade of the Croatian Army, "Book of the Dead". Afterwards, the route continues along the Drava embankment for 27 km. Surrounded by forests and unspoiled nature along the left bank of the Drava River you will reach Osijek. The road on the dyke is a gravel road, suitable for mountain bikes. There are no services for 27 km, and you should take sufficient amount of liquids and refreshments with you.


Experience the city vibe


After the embankment section the cycle tour takes you to Tvrđavica where the Osijek ZOO can be found. The settlement is located right opposite to Osijek. At the zoo, the ZOO Hotel and restaurant is a great spot with the view of the Drava River as well as the city, and the possibility of crossing the river by a cable ferry (kompa).


Exceptional view of the Drava river and the city of Osijek


The route continues to one of the symbols of the city of Osijek – the Pedestrian and Cyclist Bridge. The bridge is 35 meters high and has been shining with a new sparkle recently. The bridge is lit and visible every night in a "new themed suit" depending on current events in the city. The Pedestrian Bridge offers an exceptional view of the Drava River and the city of Osijek, which is the end point of Stage N9 of the Amazon of Europe Bike Trail.

At the end of the bridge, you turn onto the promenade of Osijek, the end point of Stage N9 of the Amazon of Europe Bike Trail and finish in the old town in the famous Tvrdja Fortress. Osijek is the largest city on the route and the fourth largest city in Croatia (108.000 inhabitants), located on the right bank of the river Drava, 25 km upstream of its confluence with the Danube, at an elevation of 94 metres. Osijek has numerous accommodations and services of all kinds, and many easily accessible attractions: the Church of St. Peter and Paul, European Avenue, and the watermill on Drava river (replica of a traditional mill). Two most popular river access points are Copacabana and Željo beach.

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