Experience unique cycling holidays in the middle of the “enchanting Ormánság”, which is one of Hungary’s most isolated and depopulated areas. The whole section is dominated by the vicinity of the Drava river, as most of the route stretches right along the river, often on the dike, directly in contact with nature. This nature proximity means also scarcity of services: the route avoids most of the settlements, therefore thoughtful preparation is recommended and meals should be pre-ordered. On the other hand, the traveller may experience “being out in the middle of nowhere” and enjoying nature at its best.

Stage map

Route profile
Length 64km
Time 4h
Starting point
End point

The Stage N7 of the Amazon of Europe Bike Trail starts in Drávatamási, a tidy village on the high bank of the Drava. Between Drávatamási and Tótújfalu good quality asphalted roads lead you through Drávagárdony, Kastélyosdombó and Potony, where you can pay a visit to the coffered-ceiling catholic church. In Tótújfalu the route continues on the Drava river bike trail. Next to the route near Szentborbás a perfect river access point is available at the guest house of the Danube-Drava National Park.


Discover more by taking a detour


You can take a quick detour to Felsőszentmárton, a village of Croatian majority. The patron saint of the village is St. Martin, the village is part of the European St. Martin pilgrimage route. Continue your cycle tour and get to Révfalu (Drvljanci), an abandoned village in the floodplain, now part of the Danube-Drava National Park, where you can experience the remains of traditional local architecture.


Let the cultural heritage impress you


Drávasztára is another village with Croatian majority. On its central square there is the monumental neo-gothic catholic church built in 1948. The Drava riverside rest area offers a great river view. From Drávasztára you can take a 7 km detour to “the capital of Ormánság”, Sellye. The town offers several services (stores, restaurant, open-air pool and thermal bath, bank, railway station etc.). Main monument of Sellye is the baroque Draskovich castle, the arboretum around it and the Ormánság Museum. Between Sellye and Drávasztára the route passes through Drávaiványi, whose late-baroque style reformed church is the most beautiful example of churches with painted coffered ceiling. From Drávasztára follow the Amazon of Europe Bike Trail towards the Drava, where you can rest your eyes on an excellent river view. When leaving Drávasztára don’t miss out the remains of a watchtower from the Cold War and a view of the beautiful Vájási oxbow lake. Near Vejti you can take a quick detour to the Drava on the high bank where the opposite side (Podravska Moslavina) is really close.


Rest in the middle of nature


Near Mailáthpuszta, the backwater of a former branch of the Drava is used as a fishing lake, where a small bar and a rest area for bikers is available. Follow the Amazon of Europe Bike Trail towards the final destination by passing by the beautiful Kisinci oxbow, where a furnished rest area is available. The end of the stage is the Ancient Drava Ecotourism Visitors’ Centre in Szaporca, which offers indoor exhibition, several hiking paths around the area and a farm with traditional animals. The cycle tour follows the low-traffic public roads and traffic-free water management dykes on the floodplain.

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