Start your cycle tour from Suza and continue to Zmajevac, a place widely known for growing grapes on its hills. The route will lead you further towards the Battle Complex Monument in Batina, and a magnificent view over the mighty Danube. Cool down, swim and relax on the Topoljski Dunav beach in Draž. After crossing the border, at Kölked the route approaches the Danube and enters the protected area of Béda, then ends in the town of Mohács. The Béda nature protection area is a fascinating experience of river floodplain, with multiple side branches and oxbows, part of the Danube-Drava National Park.

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Route profile
Length 56km
Time 4h
Starting point
End point

Stage N11 of the Amazon of Europe Bike Trail begins in Suza, a place also known for its wine cellars. Among them  the most famous are Kollar, Pinkert and Matijevic. Here is one of the most popular restaurants in Baranya as well – Piroš čizma (Pirosh Red Boot). It is worth mentioning that several pairs of white stork breed in Suza.


Excellent wine tasting


The river bike trail takes you to Zmajevac – a place widely known for growing grapes on its hills and producing top quality wines. Many top winemakers in the area market their products throughout the European Union. The most famous winery in this area is certainly the Josić Winery, which dates back to 1935. There is an award-winning restaurant and wine tasting room. With beautiful nature, local indigenous food and local wine, everything is rounded off into one beautiful story. In addition to the Josić winery, as a producer of top quality wines, we will single out the Gerštmajer and Kalazić wineries. This part of the route is only 4.4 kilometers long, so many have decided to walk it on foot, especially because they can better experience the nature that surrounds it.


Rest your eyes on beautiful landscapes


After Zmajevac continue your cycle tour to the Batina and Battle Complex in Batina – a beautiful vantage point with a huge monument overlooking Pecs. Also pay a visit to the Green Island, a beautiful weekend village located along the Danube coast where many go to seek respite from a busy lifestyle. Also, from the vantage point you have the opportunity to see the Batina Bridge under which the Danube flows tirelessly. The route continues to Draž, where you can visit the newly renovated beach on the Danube effluent. This is an ideal place along Amazon of Europe Bike Trail if you want to cool down, swim and relax in the hot summer months.


On the border of two worlds


In the immediate vicinity is a protected national cultural property – Church of St. Peter and Paul in Topolje. Continue to follow the main road, and at the intersection turn right towards Duboševica. From Duboševica take the main road towards the E73 road, turn right and you will reach the border crossing with Hungary at Duboševica.


Experience vivid wildlife


After crossing the border, the Amazon of Europe Bike Trail follows the main route for a few kilometres, when a separate cycling path starts, then turns to the right, towards Kölked, which is known for its Museum of the White Stork. Near Kölked the route continues to the Béda wetland protected area, which is part of the Danube-Drava National Park. You can get acquainted with the vivid wildlife of the area (including the famous but shy black stork) by visiting the Nagypartos study trail. The National Park often organises tours by chariot, canoe or bicycle. From the Külső-Béda a detour can be made on the asphalted dike to the state border with Croatia.


The ultimate urban vibe


The end point of Stage N11 of the Amazon of Europe Bike Trail is Mohács, a town of 17 thousand inhabitants, located on both sides of the Danube river. Mohács hosts a wide set of different services: accommodations, restaurants, pubs, bicycle shops and repairs, banks, swimming pool, railway station. Main attraction of Mohács is the Busó Festival (“Poklade” in Croatian), a local one-week event every February, which is under UNESCO protection  as Spiritual Heritage. The Poklade is a carnival event of the local šokci people, when the local busó’s   cross the Danube in their traditional wooden masks, and burn a bonfire on the main square with a coffin of the winter. You may get familiar with the tradition by visiting the Busó Court open all year long. Out of the numerous churches of the town it is to be mentioned the byzantine style Votive Church on the main square. We recommend to pay a visit to the St. Michael water- and treadmill, which is a unique experience, available upon pre-announcement.


Possible additional activities


From the Mohács port, boat excursions are organised to the Béda area; bike carriage is also possible  (regularly on weekends and upon pre-order on weekdays, on working days). After crossing the river by the Mohács ferry, the route continues on the left bank dike, towards the border to Serbia at Hercegszántó. This route section is famous of its rural, hunting, fishing, cultural and gastronomy tourism. Rich, unique and preserved natural resources, cultural heritage, favourable geo-strategic location are just some of the benefits of this short, but by no means negligible route.

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